Differentiated Service Delivery in Cameroon



Percentage of health facilities providing less-intensive DSD models. Among 6,313 ART facilities, 299 of those reporting DSD data have enrolled at least 10% of eligible recipients of care into less-intensive DSD models. Source: October 2021 CQUIN DSD Dashboard staging

% In Less-Intensive
DSD Models


Percent of people on ART who are enrolled in less-intensive DSD models. In a sample from implementing partners (IP) representing 88% of all people on ART, 12,572 of 42,069 recipients of care were enrolled in less-intensive models. Source: IP reports, end June 2021

# of Less-Intensive
DSD Models

Number of less-intensive DSD models designed for people doing well on ART. Less-intensive models include: 3-Month Multi-Month Scripting, Fast Track, Facility Support Groups, Community Based Organization Dispensing, Health Care Worker-Led Community ART Groups, and Family Dispensation. Source: October 2021 CQUIN data report

DSD Model

Number of groups for whom less-intensive DSD models have been designed and implemented.  Differentiated ART models are available for adults who are doing well on ART, eligible adolescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and key and vulnerable populations. Source: October 2021 CQUIN DSD Dashboard staging

Differentiated Service Delivery Implementation in Cameroon

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