Differentiated Service Delivery in Rwanda


Percent of health facilities providing less-intensive DSD models. All 576 ART facilities in the country have enrolled at least 10% of eligible recipients of care into less-intensive models. Source: October 2021 CQUIN DSD Dashboard staging

% In Less-Intensive
DSD Models

Percent of people on ART who are enrolled in less-intensive DSD models. Among 207,540 recipients of care currently on ART, 149,440 have been enrolled in less-intensive models. Source: National electronic medical records data, end June 2021

# of Less-Intensive
DSD Models

Number of less-intensive DSD models designed for people doing well on ART. Less-intensive models include: 3-Month Multi-Month Dispensement (MMD) and 6-MMD. Source: October 2021 CQUIN data report

DSD Model

Number of groups for whom less-intensive DSD models have been designed and implemented.  Differentiated ART models are available for adults who are doing well on ART and eligible adolescents, as well as adults with co-morbidities, patients at high risk of disease progression, men, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and key and priority populations. Source: October 2021 CQUIN DSD Dashboard staging

Differentiated Service Delivery Implementation in Rwanda

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