Differentiated Service Delivery in Senegal


Percent of health facilities providing less-intensive DSD models.
Data not available

% In Less-Intensive
DSD Models

Percent of people on ART who are enrolled in less-intensive DSD models.
Data not available

# of Less-Intensive
DSD Models

Number of less-intensive DSD models designed for people doing well on ART. Less-intensive model: Patient-centered facility-based model.
Source: October 2020 CQUIN Data Request

DSD Model

Number of groups for whom less-intensive DSD models have been designed and implemented. Less-intensive DSD models are available for adults who are stable on ART and eligible adolescents, as well as adults who are not stable on ART, key and priority populations, and VIP/working-class patients.
Source: October 2020 CQUIN DSD Dashboard staging


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