DSD in the Time of COVID-19

Video Diaries From the Frontlines

CQUIN is collecting two-minute video diaries from network members describing their experiences with DSD in the time of COVID-19.

The video series is an extension of both the CQUIN-COVID-19 resource collection, and this year’s COVID-19 webinar series, which focused on the adaptations network countries have made to their DSD models and policies since the start of the global pandemic. Contact CQUIN communications to find out how you can contribute to this platform.

Franck Boraud

CQUIN DSD Coordinator Côte d’Ivoire

Hervé Kambale

MOH Eswatini

Stanley Ngoma

MOH Malawi

Alren Vandy

MOH Sierra Leone

Lazarus Momanyi

MOH Kenya

Dario Aly

MOH Mozambique

Clorata Gwanzura

MOHCC Zimbabwe

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