Leadership & Partners

The network is led by ICAP at Columbia University. ICAP’s global experts in HIV prevention, care, and treatment provide network members with guidance and tools to facilitate the scale-up of differentiated service delivery.

Headquarters Team

Miriam Rabkin, MD, MPH
ICAP Director of Health System Strategies

CQUIN Principal Investigator

Peter Preko, MB.ChB, MPH
Project Director

William Reidy, PhD, MPH 
CQUIN Deputy Director (Strategic Information)

Fatima Tsiouris, MSc
Deputy Director, Human Resources for Health (HRH) Development

CQUIN Maternal and Child Health Advisor

Laura Block, MSc
CQUIN Deputy Director (Management and Operations)

Karampreet Sachathep, PhD
Senior Strategic Information Manager

Efua Owusu, MS

Cassia Wells, MD, MPH
Senior Technical Advisor (Key Populations)

Jennifer Zech, MSc
Special Projects Coordinator

Gillian Dougherty, MPH, BSN
Quality Improvement Advisor

Regional Team

 CQUIN supports intensive engagement in network project activities through a robust regional team. Each CQUIN country has a Clinical, Operations, and Strategic Information lead that support various project requests.


Rachel Mudekereza, MD, MPH
Senior Regional Clinical Advisor, West and Central Africa

Franck Boraud, MD
Regional Clinical Advisor

Jean-Jacques Kouassi M’bea, MD, MPH
Regional Strategic Information Advisor

Greet Vandebriel
Technical Director, ICAP Burundi

Leocadie Koffi
Project Operations Coordinator


Maureen Syowai, MBChB, MSc
Regional Technical Specialist

Violet Oramisi, MBChB, MSc
Regional Strategic Information Advisor

John Bosco Matovu, MBCHb, MPH, MSc 
Regional Clinical Advisor

Marline Jumbe-Kumbe, MA, MSc
Regional Strategic Information Advisor

Christine Mburu
Project Operations Coordinator


Rudo A.P. Kuwengwa, MD, MPH
Clinical Advisor

Martin Msukwa, MPH, BSN
Regional Technical Advisor

Harrison Kamiru, PhD, MPH
Strategic Information Advisor

Phephile Dlamini
Project Operations Coordinator

Our Partners

Ministries of Health
of CQUIN Member Countries​


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