Differentiated MCH Services

CQUIN’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) stream of work is focused on integrating MCH services into HIV services.

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CQUIN promotes the design, implementation, and scale-up of models that respond to the maternal health needs and preferences of women who move between many DSD points along the course of pregnancy, including postnatal and early child follow-up with evolving needs throughout their reproductive life course.

CQUIN’s 2020 Workshops

At the end of October 2020, CQUIN hosted multi-country discussions on differentiated MCH services ahead of the launch of its differentiated MCH community of practice. When CQUIN network members expressed interest in discussing the role of maternal and child health services in contributing to the last mile, CQUIN led a series of formative workshops that helped determine and set the premise for countries in the network to prioritize differentiated MCH services. 

The workshop covered the following:

  • Overview of the gaps in MTCT (getting to the last mile), discussions on opportunities for integrated service delivery and promising practices and COVID-19 implications (ICAP/WHO/UNICEF or UNAIDS)
  • Updates from each CQUIN country team
  • Guided discussions by a CQUIN/MCH Facilitator; participation from recipients of care
  • Summary /Call to action in preparation for the larger Differentiated MCH meeting in 2021.