Centering Recipients of Care: Assessing and Improving Satisfaction within DSD Programs Part 2

Event Date: April 04, 2023 - 8:00am to 9:00am ET

This follow-up webinar explored recipient-of-care satisfaction and its assessment in various facility-level settings.

Welcome and Introductions: Miriam Rabkin, ICAP at Columbia University
Framing Remarks: Martin Msukwa, ICAP at Columbia University
Moderator: Gillian Dougherty, ICAP at Columbia University

Case Studies:

  • Krista Lauer, Citizen Science Lead, ITPC: Using the CLM Approach
  • Kombatende Sikombe, Research Manager: CIDRZ, Client Satisfaction Study in Zambia
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Recipient of Care Satisfaction Toolkit download

Recording and slides from part 1 are available here:

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