Differentiated Service Delivery in Mauritania


Percent of health facilities providing less-intensive DART models.

Among implementing partners reporting DSD data, 171 of 885 facilities have enrolled at least 10% of eligible recipients of care into less-intensive models. Source: October 2021 CQUIN DSD Dashboard staging

% In Less-Intensive
Differentiated Treatment Models

Percent of people on ART who are enrolled in less-intensive DART models.

In a sample representing 57% of all people on ART, 12,572 of 42,069 recipients of care were enrolled in less-intensive models. Source: National DHIS2 database and PEPFAR reports, end June 2021

Multi-month ART Dispensing


Percent of people on ART receiving ≥ 6 months of ART at a time. 

Less-intensive model: Health Care Worker-Led Community ART Group. Source: October 2021 CQUIN data report

DART Model

Number of groups for whom less-intensive DART models have been designed and implemented.

Differentiated ART models are available for adults who are doing well on ART and eligible adolescents. Source: October 2021 CQUIN DSD Dashboard staging