CQUIN Community of Practice Meeting: Differentiated Care for Adults at High Risk of HIV Disease Progression Harare, Zimbabwe

Event Date: July 17, 2017 -

The HIV Coverage, Quality, and Impact Network (CQUIN) held its first meeting focused on differentiated care for patients at high risk of HIV disease progression, one of several of the network’s communities of practice. The three day gathering, held July 17-19 in Harare, brought together nearly 70 participants from all nine CQUIN countries. Participants engaged in panel discussions with experts, and engaged in breakout group discussions around co-creation of resources. All nine countries gathered to share experiences and used ICAP’s Differentiated Care Dashboard to conduct self-assessments on the stage of differentiated care scale-up for patients at high risk of HIV disease progression.

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Differentiated Service Delivery for Patients at High Risk of HIV Disease Progression: A Call to Action (ICAP)

Monday (July 17) Presentations

Tuesday (July 18) Presentations

Wednesday (July 19) Presentations


Additional Resources

Enhanced Prophylaxis plus Antiretroviral Therapy for Advanced HIV Infection in Africa
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The Enduring Challenge of Advanced HIV Infection
New England Journal of Medicine, July 20, 2017

High HIV Viral Load Register Version 1 (October 2016)
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A Pilot Cryptococcal Antigenemia (CrAg) Screening Program among HIV-Infected Patients Attending Mbabane Government Hospital: Prevalence of CrAg, Clinical Utility, Feasibility and Implications for National Roll Out of a CrAg Screening Program
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Research and Evaluation Report: Evaluating the Incremental Value of Using the Urine TB LAM Test in Intensified Case Finding for TB in People Living with HIV in Swaziland
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Opening Sessions

Opening Remarks
Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr, Global Director, ICAP

Introduction to the CQUIN Learning Network
Dr. Peter Preko, CQUIN Project Director

Patients at High Risk: A Call to Action
Dr. Miriam Rabkin, CQUIN Principal Investigator

Patients at High Risk of Disease Progression: Global Best Practices
Dr. James Hakim, Professor of Medicine, University of Zimbabwe

Panel 1: Patients at High Risk: Experience, Guidelines, and Best Practices

Dr. Tsitsi Apollo, Deputy Director for HIV/AIDS and STIs, Ministry of Health and Child Care, Zimbabwe

Ms. Lillian Diseko, Program Manager, National Department of Health, South Africa

Dr. Maureen Kimani, HIV Care and Treatment Program Manager, Ministry of Health- National AIDS/STI Control Program (NASCOP), Kenya

Dr. Hudson Balidawa, Ministry of Health, Uganda

Panel 2: Patients at High Risk: National Guidelines and Best Practices

Dr. Jose Tique, Senior Quality Improvement Advisor, National HIV Program, Mozambique

Dr. Fethia Keder, HIV Program Team Leader, Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia

Dr. Nomthandazo Lukhele, National ART Coordinator, Ministry of Health, Swaziland

Dr. Michael Odo, Technical Advisor for HIV Care and Treatment, Department of HIV/AIDS, Ministry of Health, Malawi



Opening Session

Communities of Practice
Dr. Miriam Rabkin, CQUIN Principal Investigator

Panel 3: Perspectives from the Front Line (Providers and Patients)

Treatment Failure: Time for the Ambulance to be at the Top, the Case for Proactive PSS and Monitoring
Dr. Andrew Reid, HIV Physician and Researcher, University of Zimbabwe

Differentiated Care from a Community Perspective
Mr. Sipho Mahlangu, Community Participant, the Zimbabwe National Network of People Living with HIV

Overview of Chemotherapy Decentralization and Integration in ART & TB Clinics
Dr. Fred Busuulwa, Senior Medical Officer, Good Shepherd Mission Hospital, Swaziland

Panel 4: Differentiated Care for Patients at High Risk: Innovations and Experience

Dr. Lucas Molfino, Head of Mission and Medical Coordinator, Médecins Sans Frontières, Mozambique

Mr. Eric Mtemang’ombe, Clinician, Lighthouse Trust, Malawi

Dr. Daniel Mwamba, Provincial ART Coordinator, Centre for Infectious Diseases Research, Zambia

Dr. Sylvia Ojoo, Country Director for Kenya Programs, University of Maryland


Opening Session

Differentiated Care for TB/HIV
Dr. Felix Ndagije, ICAP Lesotho

Panel 5: Differentiated Care for Patients at High Risk: Innovations and Experience

Patients at High Risk: Perspectives from the Front Line
Sylvester Kimaiyo, Chief of Party, AMPATH Kenya

Improving Adult Care for Non-suppressed Viral Load Clients
Dr. Juliet Tumwikirize,Quality Improvement Advisor, USAID ASSIST Project, Uganda

Improving Utilization of Routine Viral Load Data: A Quality Improvement Collaborative in Western Kenya
Dr. Maureen Syowai, Regional Technical Advisor, ICAP Kenya

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