CQUIN is pleased to welcome three new countries: the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Now 14 member countries strong, the learning network is expanding into West and Central Africa, creating additional opportunities for south-to-south learning, exchange and collaboration.

“We are excited that Sierra Leone will have the opportunity to learn from the members in this impactful network,” said Mame Toure, MD, MSc, ICAP’s country director in Sierra Leone.

Julia Toomey Garbo, MD, program manager of Liberia’s National AIDS and STI Control Program, noted, “Liberia is passionate to end HIV and AIDS as a public health concern. The opportunity to be admitted into CQUIN will bring significant synergy and leverage to our efforts. We look forward to be the star of the CQUIN countries, the last becoming the first!”

“I am very happy to see DRC joining other countries in this learning network!” added Luc-Ferdinand Kamanga Lukusa, MD, national director of DRC’s National AIDS Control Program, “I have always been very impressed by the innovative contributions of PEPFAR implementing partners to the AIDS control program in DRC. I look forward to seeing DRC learn best practices and I hope that these practices will be scaled up in other non-PEPFAR-supported health zones, especially in the ones supported by the Global Fund.”

All three countries will join their CQUIN colleagues at the annual meeting in November, where the network looks forward to welcoming them in person!


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