Differentiated Service Delivery

for Advanced HIV Disease

Tuesday, July 28 - Wednesday, July 29, 2020

ICAP’s CQUIN project is partnering with CHAI and Unitaid to convene a 17-country virtual meeting on differentiated service delivery for advanced HIV disease. The invitation-only meeting will be attended by Ministries of Health, implementing partners, national networks of people living with HIV, academic institutions, donors and more, and will facilitate sharing of experiences, best practices and challenges

AHD Workshop

Pre-meeting Interviews

The Importance of AHD

Find out from leading experts across the globe why we must continue to pay attention to persons with advanced HIV disease.

Improving Services for People Living with Advanced HIV Disease

What challenges are related to improving services for people with AHD? Our experts highlight two important challenges they believe can improve treatment outcomes for people with advanced HIV disease.


DSD Models and AHD

Can differentiated service delivery (DSD) models enhance HIV services for people with AHD?

CQUIN’s Role in Improving Services for People with Advanced HIV Disease

Hear what our experts have to say about the CQUIN network’s role in improving and optimizing services for people with advanced HIV disease.