COVID-19 and Differentiated Service Delivery 

ICAP is leveraging the CQUIN network to foster the real-time exchange of questions, resources, and lessons learned related to differentiated service delivery and COVID-19. We are hosting webinars, workshops, WhatsApp groups, and joint publications and will continue to support south-to-south exchange as network countries confront the COVID-19 pandemic. The resources below have been shared by members of the CQUIN learning network, and are intended to be useful but not comprehensive. They do not represent formal guidance from ICAP at Columbia or from CQUIN

DSD and COVID-19 Webinar Series

The weekly DSD COVID-19 webinar series was an engaging resource for the learning network and its partners, with active participation by Ministries of Health, national networks of people living with HIV, implementing partners, donors, and global agencies such as WHO and UNAIDS.

The webinars focused on the impact of COVID-19 on DSD models, and on the use of DSD approaches to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on health facilities and HIV programs.

The webinar series was jointly hosted by ICAP’s CQUIN project, the International AIDS Society, and the International Treatment Preparedness Coalition. Access the webinars at the link below.

COVID-19 and DSD Archive

In March 2020, CQUIN created a shared resources page to support the exchange of information and publications on COVID-19.

Access this archive which has shared resources, global and national COVID-19 guidance, and videos below.

COVID-19 Resources

The following are a few curated global and national guidance shared by country ministry of health and global stakeholders in the CQUIN-COVID-19 forum. For a complete list of resources view our COVID-19 and DSD archive.


6-MMD: Lessons from Malawi, Zambia, and Ethiopia

Africa CDC: Guidance on Community Social Distancing During COVID-19 Outbreak

Africa CDC – Guidance on Contact Tracing

Africa CDC Resources

Côte d’Ivoire HIV Care Guidance (French)

DRC: Contingency Plan for HIV during COVID-19 crisis (French)

Eswatini Case Management Guidelines

Ethiopia: Interim Guidance for HIV Case Management

Global Fund Guidance on Reprogramming Resources towards COVID-19

Global Fund Guidance on Reprogramming Resources towards COVID-19 French

IAS DSD & COVID Resources

WHO COVID-19 site

Infection Control Africa Network site

ITPC Guidance

ITPC Guidance: French

ITPC Guidance for People Living with HIV

International Pulmonologists Consensus on COVID-19

Kenya: COVID & MNCH guidance

Lessons from Ethiopia: Mozambique South-to-South Visit

Lessons from Wuhan

Liberia: Case Management Plan for Facilities

Liberia: Interim Guidance for PLHIV

Medicines for Humanity IEC materials

MOH Angola: Technical Guidance Note (Portuguese)

MOH Kenya: Adjustment of Scheduled Clinical Visits for TB patients

MOH Malawi: COVID-19 Guidance for HIV Services

MOH Mozambique: Services for HIV Ambulatory Patients (Portuguese)

Multi-Month ART Dispensing: Lessons from Ethiopia

New England Journal of Medicine COVID page

RCCE Working Group: How to Include Marginalized and Vulnerable People in Risk Communication & Community Engagement

Sierra Leone HIV COVID-19 Guidance

South Africa: HIV Society Statement on 6-MMD

South Africa: Operational Guidance on Service Delivery to TB Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

South Africa: COVID-19 Interventions for HIV, TB, and NCDs Proposal

Tanzania: IPC and Case Management Guidelines

Tanzania SOP for Case Management and IPC

UNAIDS: What People Living With HIV Need to Know about HIV and COVID-19

UNAIDS: Rights in the time of COVID-19: Lessons from HIV for an Effective Community-Led Response

USAID Nigeria: Interim Guidance Note

WHO Operational Considerations for COVID Case Management (3.19.2020)

WHO: Risk Communications for Health Facilities

WHO Operational Planning Guidelines to Support Country Preparedness and Response (2.12.2020)

WHO Europe: Preparedness, Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Prisons and Other Places of Detention (3.15.2020)

WHO: Operational Guidance for Maintaining Essential Health Services During an Outbreak

WHO COVID-19 Strategy Updated 13 April 2020

Zambia Interim Clinical Guidance for Managing Patients with COVID-19

Zimbabwe Guidelines for the Management of COVID-19

Zimbabwe Guidance on HIV Service Delivery during COVID-19