The Science and Practice of Scale-Up: Workshop Summary

July 24, 2018

The HIV Coverage, Quality, and Impact Network (CQUIN) held its workshop on the science and practice of differentiated service delivery (DSD) scale-up from June 26-29 in Ezulwini, Eswatini. Representatives from ministries of health in ten CQUIN countries gathered, along with implementing partners, donors, civil society, and U.S. Government agencies, to share best practices and lessons learned that would enable each country team to develop a road map towards achieving national coverage of DSD services.

The three day meeting was designed to foster intensive south-to-south consultation on national scale up strategies and to catalyze progress within each country towards scale-up. It focused on three key facilitators of DSD scale-up: engaging recipients of care and communities to increase demand for and support of DSD services, optimizing human resources to support DSD; and effective utilization of routine viral load test results for patient management.

The workshop included plenary presentations, panel discussions, and breakout- and report-back sessions. Plenary presentations and panel discussions focused on topics ranging from fostering engagement among people living with HIV and demand generation, to viral load utilization. Participants took a deeper dive in breakout sessions, where country country teams reviewed their existing DSD work plans, with an eye to accelerating scale-up and addressing key barriers and facilitators. County teams were paired and asked to provide feedback on each other’s scale-up plans.

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The ICAP Approach to Differentiated Service Delivery

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